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Modern improvements in surveillance technology and connectivity have made security cameras the perfect solution for surveillance purposes at trade shows, conventions, and other events. The flexibility and ease of use of wireless IP cameras can make your next event more secure than ever before.

CompuSOURCE Trade Show and Convention Rentals will provide all the hardware, software and internet connectivity needed to set up your temporary DVR monitoring station for your next big event, trade show or convention.

DVR Security at your event prevents theft. The system itself is really easy to use, managing a system of IP cameras is a snap thanks to the provided software, and you also get the feature of remote monitoring to your surveillance system, allowing you to broadcast your footage over the internet.

Hosting conventions and large events can be very hard to manage. Large crowds and foot traffic can make security efforts difficult for any event staff. Modern day digital surveillance cameras provide the proper technology needed to monitor and record conventions and other large events. HD cameras offer extreme detail and flexibility to make your next event secure.

Large Event Security Camera Benefits

Theft Prevention – Visual security cameras help deter crime and theft of guest belongings and convention items.

HD Flexibility – New HD CCTV systems can easily be reconfigured to meet your event needs. HD cameras can even be used during traveling conventions, road shows and meeting since they are easily deployable. Having flexibility with your surveillance system is key, no venue is exactly the same and all venues require different security needs, a flexible HD camera system allows you travel with your security cameras, no matter the venue.

Easy to Use – HD surveillance systems allow for easy management and set up. Once set up for the first time, HD camera systems keep their settings and allow you to redeploy the camera system with its settings intact for the next roadshow.

Monitoring Remotely – Surveillance NVRs (Network Video Recorders) and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) allow you to transmit your surveillance system video cameras to anywhere there is an internet connection. This means that you no longer have to be present at the camera system to view all your cameras. You can be anywhere in the world and still be able to monitor your camera live with any PC, Mac, Android or iPhone device.

Convention Surveillance Camera Risks

Privacy Control – Maintain surveillance within those key public areas such as convention halls, meeting rooms, and entrances to ensure the privacy of your vendors, guests, employees, and speakers.

Vandalism and Theft – Anytime you have surveillance cameras that are visible and out in the open they are susceptible to being targeted by thieves who want to conceal their identity to avoid being caught. A damaged or stolen camera will cause a break within your recorded surveillance footage and can lead to your event or convention be susceptible to theft. It is important to maintain a backup security system in the event your cameras are disturbed.

Surveillance Camera Configuration at Conventions

Events and conventions vary greatly – music festivals, professional conventions, fan conventions, security conventions, academic conferences, TV show, and sport team conventions, and comic conventions all require security of different types to maximize protection of their guests, attendees, speakers, and performers. We suggest you consider the following when looking to purchase and install a surveillance camera system:

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