Temporary WiFi and onsite technical support for event venues, hotels and concerts high tech shows . We will custom tailor connectivity options to ensure your event WiFi is highly reliable and secure to meet and exceed the expectations of your attendees. Temporary wireless Internet provides high capacity broadband to support hundreds of devices.

Event WiFi Internet for Conferences, Trade Shows, & Venues

For event producers, the unique structure and layout of a venue can prove a transformative experience for attendees. However, for seamless internet and WiFi connectivity, variables such as mirrors, metal, location, and competing devices can create a huge challenge. Getting the right WiFi solution requires a knowledgeable team of network engineers using the latest equipment.

CompuSOURCE is the solution for your event IT needs. Temporary WiFi for events from CompuSOURCE gives you the reliable connectivity that you need, worry-free.

CompuSOURCE provides high capacity, affordable internet connectivity for concert tours, festivals, special events, corporate, and consumer engagement events.

At CompuSOURCE, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best possible support for your event. You get the dependable WiFi and wired network infrastructure you need, and you also get the focused support that is crucial to mission success. Our state of the art equipment makes having WiFi or hard lines exactly where you need them easy. We are your event WiFi specialist with a proven track record of successful events. Keeping your event “connected” just got easier with CompuSOURCE! Contact us today to learn more about how we can enhance your event.

CompuSOURCE maintains state of the art, enterprise-grade network equipment, with unique capabilities over consumer network gear. It is mission critical to keep your tour or event connected and working. Plug and play ease of use, proper packaging, and remote access for our support team.


Your source for event Internet connection.


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